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Practice Areas


ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is an alternative to having a court decide a legal dispute. ADR can be used to resolve any type of dispute including business disputes, workplace and employment issues, consumer disputes, personal injuries, and contract disputes. ADR includes arbitration, mediation, and Planned Early Dispute Resolution (PEDR). We provide ADR services in litigated cases and even before litigation is filed.

The Supreme Court of New Mexico proclaims Oct. 12-18, 2014 as Mediation Week. Download Mediation Proclamation Here.

Election & Campaign Law

Election and campaign law encompasses campaign matters from pre-primary to post-election recount. It addresses questions of campaign practices, financing election campaigns, and protecting the election process. We represent candidates and campaigns. We represent political parties in their efforts to make sure elections are fair and unbiased. We provide guidance regarding Super PACs and coordinated PACs.

Business Law

Business law encompasses everything from creating a new business to dissolving an existing one. We can assist you with the documents you will need to protect your business, including:

  • partnership agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • buy-sell agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • non-compete clauses
  • restrictive covenants
  • employment agreements
  • employee handbooks

We can provide some of these services on a flat fee. For others, an hourly rate makes more sense.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation covers all types of business conflicts. It includes breaches of contracts and other commercial agreements; employment disputes; disputes over employment agreements; partnership disputes. In short, commercial litigation involves any legal controversy related to business issues.

Employment Issues

Employment disputes arise in the workplace. They often involve issues of discrimination, harassment, salary/compensation, and termination. Whether you are an employee and believe your rights have been violated, or you’re a business in dispute with an employee, few controversies are more damaging than an employee dispute. We have extensive experience in helping to resolve employment issues.

Class Actions

A class action is a lawsuit that allows a large number of people with a common interest in a matter to sue, or be sued, as a group. Class actions allow a group of injured parties to receive just compensation, even if their individual claims are relatively small. We have extensive class action experience.